Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Matchy Matchy

This is a test.  This is only a test.  Of the emergency blogcast system.  I was not even sure I could still log into this blog.  Let alone revive it.  So for now, this is only a test.  A very cute test.  With some very grown up little girls.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

 Trick or Treating with our friends Olivia & Charlie (& not pictured Zoe, Benjamin, & Caela too)

 Julia gets a lift from Daddy.

 The girls fell in love with their purchased costume, and Julia soon realized hers was the best.  People stuffed her full of candy.  They didn't really know what she was, especially with the hat off, but just seeing her brought joy to everyone around her.  I highly recommend this costume to everyone.  In fact, Elliot & Samantha have requested one for next year.  I did make it.  Pieces of felt hot glued onto some old (& hideous Christmas PJs).  The pinterest woman I stole this from made the hat out of foam...i hot glued onto a bucket hat we had slated for GoodWill.  

 Our after trick or treating was:  no rules on candy.  Eat all you can.  It was much easier for us to enforce and police this rule.  "can I have this one mom?" YES!  What about this one?  YES!  Really?  Of course, let me open it for you...and then they passed out.

Joy to the candy.  And a candid of making the pinata.  Had to see if it would fit on her since I was gluing the stretch out of it. I especially like Samantha howling at her in the background.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Pink Ladies

 And no, it is not even Halloween. Well, I mean it is Halloween, but these sweeeet sillky awesome Pink Ladies jackets are not Halloween costumes, but just a little something my mom whipped up for the girls and their love of Grease.  Anyone watching Modern Family and see the episode where Cam works on his secret "master project"?  Well, this one turned out to be Grandma's secret master project.  These arrived in the mail last week, which we opened after breakfast and on Facetime.  Each girl has a silky jacket that says "Pink Ladies" on the back.  They all have been wearing them to school.  They even got little matching twirly skirts like Sandy. Which is awesome for them.  And since we are in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy (which Samantha says should have been named Hurricane Samantha (even though she is out neatest little chicky)) - all the more fitting.

And, today truly is Halloween, so we will step out over broken branches in leaves up to our knees donning our witch, little red riding hood, and pinata costume, and hopefully get those darn pictures off the camera to post before Thanksgiving!  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Because It's Fall

It is fall.  It is fall.  The leaves are falling everywhere.  That means it's fall!  -- Yo Gabba Gabba

Today was Sammy's Halloween Parade at school.  BUT, they don't wear costumes.  They were masks they made.  Waaah Waaahh.... I wanted little tykes in costumes!  And we already went to a Halloween birthday party and modelled their costumes, but then our camera battery died and I cannot get them off of there!  So, hopefully I will be posting some costume shots soon.  In the meantime, check out my two youngest lovelies having fun at Samantha's new preschool...which we love!

And PS, since you are still scrolling.  Just wanted to say that I LOVE SANDY!  Hurricane Sandy that is.  And I am saying this 5 days before she is supposed to hit and before there is any reported damage, so this love does not come back to haunt me...but a meeting I had at work was cancelled due to the hurricane & travel woes.  The meeting is a lot of prep and a major presentation -- my part was scheduled to go live at the client site, an hour from home, from 1:30 - 5:30 on Oct 31 -- Halloween!  It was a source of major frustration and a huge bummer to me who loves this holiday so much.  I hated raising my hand to confess that I love my holiday and my kids' costume parades and did not want to only be home for bedtime, but for the whole thing.  But I did it, so they were letting me leave early anyway, which is really great of them (but seriously, don't they have kids?  what about the folks who were traveling for this meeting?  Am I the only one who thought this was weird?) -- but now with Hurricane Sandy, Wooo hooo!  I don't even have to go!  My part is reduced to a conference call, albeit a long intense conference call, but one that I can take in my witches hat and still be home to steal all the Reese's Peanut Butter cups trick or treat with my kids!